In search of partnerships and applicability of results
For researcher Daniel Janies of UNC Charlotte, one of the organizers of FAPESP Week North Carolina, now is a good time to expand scientific cooperation with Brazil

Specialists discuss relations between Brazil and the United States
Recent changes, public opinion, disparities and the importance of expanding knowledge in relations between the countries are highlighted at FAPESP Week

Educational intervention improves quality of life for patients with chronic conditions
Model that includes orientation through educational materials, face-to-face care and telephone follow-up is being tested by researchers at the USP Ribeirão Preto School of Nursing

Partnership improves the treatment of patients with cleft palate 
The work of the Physiology Laboratory at the Bauru Center has gained visibility and importance in the last decade thanks to collaboration with the University of North Carolina

Opportunities in collaborative and international research
On the second day of FAPESP Week North Carolina, participants highlight the importance of promoting research exchange

FAPESP opens symposium in North Carolina
Scientists from Brazil and the United States are meeting at two conferences to broaden the exchange of research in various fields

FAPESP Week highlights scientific cooperation between North Carolina and São Paulo
Panels and sessions in Charlotte and Raleigh brings together researchers to debate advanced scientific topics